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The soul of your home accessories

You can ensure the comfort of your home by furnishing your living spaces with the right furniture that suits your taste. You can make these choices in accordance with the fashion colors of the year and the designs of the period, but if you have special preferences such as classic or bohemian, looking at the products of the brands that always make their collections in this style will save you time and make it easier for you to choose.

Now we would like to tell you about another issue that is as important as your furniture in your home. Your accessories... Because furniture sets can only be brought to the fore by using the right accessory models. The style and style of the accessory models you prefer in your living spaces is very important in terms of harmony with your furniture. So how to choose the right accessories?

Choosing accessories according to the size of your home is important. For example; If you have small rooms and hallways, you can make the environment look wider and more spacious by using mirrors, or if you have large halls and halls, then you can use ostentatious iconic objects and trinkets. All of these choices show your spirit, life goals and vision. You should not forget that your living spaces are living beings just like you. So what comes to mind when we say accessories? Paintings, photo frames, antique clocks, trinkets, vintage style books, mirrors, chandeliers and more…



Your walls are blinking…

You can paint your walls with paints suitable for your furniture or bring brand new worlds to your home with wallpapers. You can also turn your walls into a gallery with unique paintings by artists and witness the whole process with an iconic clock.




Now it's time for consoles and showcases...

Your dinner sets, afternoon tea sets and crystal glasses take the first place in your showcases. You can also benefit from stylish framed photos and small trinkets you took with your loved ones. Your consoles can also be accompanied by an antique table clock, standing candle holders and artificial flowers.



A corner in your living spaces should also belong to your library.


The most basic accessories of your library and your library are your books. Make your library and library special for your books and do not choose accessories here. If you have an empty library, buy books and show your library full. If you do not have a regular and symmetrical library, you will have to redo your book sequences. Books arranged in symmetrical, height and thickness order will make your library look stylish and tidy.




The Secret of Positive Mood is Hidden in the Right Lighting

Before doing the lighting, remember that the function and atmosphere of each room in your home is different. Create in your mind how the lighting of each room should be and its level according to your own style. For example; You should pay attention to the fact that the rooms where you eat, watch movies and sleep have different atmospheres. Over time, many people get bored with the decoration of their home; either relocates the furniture, or changes the furniture, or paints the walls. However, a table and floor lamp used correctly is enough to change many things. You can define the spirit of the room you are in with a color and illuminate it with a lamp of that color. If you prefer a lampshade or chandelier suitable for decoration, you will experience a surprising change with a small touch... You can find the lamp you are looking for in all colors and sizes, and you can reach a decorative environment suitable for your own style in a very short time.



Create Custom Corners

You can relax and distract yourself with the special corners you will create in your living spaces. You can provide activity areas for yourself by creating an aquarium corner, plant corner, cedar corner and chat corners. Living plants, which will be preferred especially in living areas, will give the house a dynamic structure in design.








The soul of your home accessories
The soul of your home accessories
The soul of your home accessories
The soul of your home accessories
The soul of your home accessories
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