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Both Stylish and Functional Eskişehir Base Models

Eskisehir Base Models
Stylish designs will illuminate your bedroom with a new model furniture approach. The bed bases decorated with fine details are designed for comfortable use as large two-person and single-person models. Armoni, Wonder, Cotton and Jasmin designs with special colors are among the most popular Zell bed base models of 2021. Eskişehir bed base sets are on sale in many regions of Turkey at the most affordable prices.


Eskişehir New Generation Bed Models
Comfortable bed models are designed in accordance with waist and back anatomy. Models designed according to European standards for a good sleep are compatible with physical movements that will make you comfortable all night long. Eskişehir bed base designs are ready for comfortable use in the interior spring system by using new generation technologies as well as the fabric structure decorated with various colors and fine details.

Eskisehir bed base sets are offered for sale as headboards, mattresses and bases, with matching designs in bed and base models. They are eye-catching models that will contribute to the interior architecture while redesigning your bedroom with affordable price options.


Eskişehir Stylish Base Designs
It will offer a clean and spacious appearance with the use of the fabric, its cleaning and ventilation systems. Eskişehir bed base manufacturing has ensured that the inner skeleton and outer fabric structure are designed in a quality that you can use comfortably for a long time, using new generation technologies.

While comfort and aesthetics come together for Zell Furniture, the innovative and original designer of Turkey, the most suitable options for bed base prices in Eskişehir are waiting to meet you. The sets that will be delivered to your address have the lower part of your bed base that you can also use as a storage area with its large inner chamber.


Quality, Aesthetic and Affordable Eskişehir Base Models
Eskişehir is ready to be one of the best brands of Turkey in use with its bed base prices, affordable options, modern texture and unique designs, and a large inner chamber. In addition to convenient and economical payment options, the models to be delivered to your address are presented with classical, rustic, modern and post-modern structures.

It has met with the latest technology of furniture art developed for you to design one of the most valuable rooms of your home, and it has been tested with comfortable bed, headboard and base designs for you and met at Zell Furniture stores for your use.

Both Stylish and Functional Eskişehir Base Models
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