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The eye-catchingly elegant headboard structure with its special quilted stitches is designed to appeal to the taste of those looking for magnificence in their rooms. You can also add a dim touch to your room thanks to the LED lighting technology used in the headboards.


  • The plinth profile is painted with stainless and impact-resistant oven paint technique.
  • By using MDF lam panel sheets on the top, bottom and side facades of the plinth, its resistance to weight and carrying has been doubled.
  • Usage capacity has been increased with 17 cm internal volume height.
  • The foot height of the base is designed as 12 cm.
  • It supports a hygienic sleeping environment with its wipeable fabric feature.
  • Thanks to the double shock absorbers with high pressure feature, durability and longevity in opening and closing are doubled.
  • By increasing the internal capacity of the base with lower profile supports, the kg limitation is avoided.
  • The set packaging package consists of three module parts, including 120 cm plinth sets.
  • It has a 2 year warranty.


90 * 190
100 * 200
120 * 200
140 * 190
150 * 200
160 * 200
180 * 200 


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