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The textile recycling industry has become an indispensable sector for our country in the last ten years. However, it is seen that approximately one million tons of textile waste emerges every year in Turkey. Synthetic based products such as polyester, nylon and polypropylene do not degrade in nature for many years. In addition, since these products are lightweight, they occupy high volumes in landfills.




As Zell Concept, we take responsibility in this process. We create a new collection by designing furniture and textile products from recycled fabric with the slogan "I Love Ocean Animals". This collection, where you can find traces of nature in design themes, will create minimal living spaces with dynamic and vibrant colors.


Zell Concept Chairman of the Board of Directors Kadir Özenen said, “Now the world has entered a complete transformation. We have been contributing to recycling for many years. However, when we look at environmental factors, the point we have reached has created the idea of ​​creating a collection consisting entirely of recycled materials. We planned this process with our team and started production. We are one of the first furniture companies to do this work in Turkey. We think that both the world and Zell Concept lovers will be delighted with our new collection.

We call it "I Love Ocean Animals" for today and tomorrow. " said.

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